Pensiune si agrement Valea Ariesului

Set in a beautiful natural setting in the Apuseni Mountains, on the Aries Valley, Cabana Cotul Ariesului has a generous green space arranged so that all your family, from the sea to the sea, can rest in an active way.

For the little ones, we have first and foremost a lot of safe playgrounds where they can consume energy, a climbing climbing cluster, climbing rings, a wooden cabin, an inflatable pool, a swimming pool with a traditional wooden wheel set in motion water

In summer, there is a heated swimming pool with free access.

The big ones also have many opportunities to spend their day in an active way, and here are a few of them: outdoor walks in a beautiful place with lots of green grass and floral arrangements, running, ball sports, tennis or badminton for which we have prepared table tennis, table tennis.

After a little move, you can prepare a barbecue at the wooden boxes located near the Aries River, in the shade of the trees, on a stone oven

Cazare si agrement Valea ariesului